Sunday, March 15, 2009

How To Defeat Acne?

When people in the age of their puberty, everyone likes to look good. But it is repugnant for whelk send up on the face. Believes that most people only like the youth but not like the whelk. The whelk official systematic name is called acne, this sickness does not occur in other primates. It is unique for humanity. The basic reason for the acne was still unclear, but the detection of clinical observes show that acne relates many kinds of factors:

1. Secretion of sebaceous glands secrete excessively, especially it is easy to appear on the face, the chest and the back, the area which sebaceous glands developed is easy to appear.

2. Anaerobic bacteria in the gland line pouch will secrete the sebum, will cause the inflammation response.

3. Hyperfunction of endocrine, especially by androgen secretion being out of balance.

4. Food - - should be far away from the peanut, fried food and also on.

5. The climate - - clinical observes show that it is more serious in winter than in summer.

6. The mood - - intense mood and stays up late will cause the whelk worsening

Generally speaking, if avoids the above factor, when majority of people over 20 years old, the time for fight the acne will be end. But some sickness leaves trace on the face which is uneven moulage, its reason for the infection inflammation of whelk pustule and some scar tissue for someone always pinches the whelk.

For strict speak that scar will not effect health, but some people will be in bad mood because of the metabolism of skin increases slowly. Because of scar present several years and unable to remove then influence cosmetology effect. Present has many kinds of elimination epidermis, promotes the regeneration of skin, the results of treatment are very difference, also has its own limit. People is very easy to misunderstand, thought that the skin can replace, after trading the skin, the skin is recognition. This is a wrong idea will let many patients suffered. Actually the skin can only improve, but cannot replace. Considered from the economical angle that suggests to use the essential oil which can desalt the scar will be suitable, moreover, will not produce some effect of pigmentation. The essential oil can activate cell tissue rapidly, softened and renewal skin organization, promote cell regeneration, returns to normal the scar, desalt the pigment. It is very suitable to cure the scar of acne and the effect of clinical trial is very good.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Green Tea May Cure The Acne

A new research indicated that green tea not only has the profit to our health but also can treat acne effectively. The green tea can antibacterial, sterilization and the reduced hormone activity -----These three characteristics caused the ancient green tea to become the excellent choice for acne treatment.

Researchers from the Philippine commemoration medical center use computer to divide 108 volunteers into two groups stochastically. First group, every day use benzoyl peroxide medicinal ointments two times, continues for 12 weeks, another group uses the green tea extraction medicinal ointment, the usage same as the first group, the medicine bottle which the patient obtain is the same and they also did not know which method of treatment they use. The trier are check-up and the photographed by skin disease expert, the expert also did not know which kind of medicinal ointment they use. The findings showed that 3% green tea medicinal ointment has the same effect with 4% benzoyl peroxides to cure the general or serious acne. The green tea medicinal ointment can also let patient's skin whitening, and improves their overall outward appearance of skin.

The researchers pointed out that the therapy of green tea may has more attractive to the consumer, because the tradition believed that the toxicity of natural material is smaller than the chemicals and few side effect. The preliminary data demonstrated that the side effect of green tea extraction medicinal ointment is smaller than the benzoyl peroxide. There are quite few patients has presented the skin itch with the allergic symptom after use green tea medicinal ointment .

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 Tips To Cure Acne

As the human arrives at the puberty, the germ cells grow mature, the internal secretion was exuberant, then it stimulates sebaceous glands' proliferation to be large. And lead sebum secretes to fill up excessively. Because sebum siltation, then let the bacterium to grow reproduces , lastly forms the acne. In view of the reason of how the acne formed, I introduce these 5 tips to cure acne.

1. People who is the oily skin may use the neutral soap to wash the face at least 3 times every day. So it can reduces face's fat stack. And the sulfur soap has very good effective, the common soap is also good, but the scented soap and the acidic soap are not suitable.

2. If the acne appeared, do not use the hand to pinch it. Because it will cause the pore to expand, the skin will be rough. When cast aside acne, certainly must use aspirator which has disinfected, and clean the hands.

3. In order to reduce to face's stimulation, when you washes hair, it is better to uses the neutrality shampoo. And after washing, should avoid the wet hairs covers on the face.

4. Control the diet, eats each kind of vegetables, eats little fat and greasy food. The carbohydrate, smoking, drink wine also to induce the acne formation easily, should perform to control.

5. The traditional Chinese medicine, the loquat leaf unhairs 9 grams, the mulberry root bark 9 grams, the white honeysuckle flower 9 grams, the prunella vulgaris 12 grams, the Chinese goldthread rhizome 3 grams, the Huang Qin 9 grams, to float the coral 30 grams (decoct herbal medicine firstly ), then take the fresh licorice 3 grams with watering, every day takes one times. It has the funvtion of dispel pneumonia and reduce phlegm. Folklore, the Qing Dynasty crown prince contract the acne, is cures according to this prescription.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Aloe Cure Acne

In the past acne always appeared on my face. Then I heared that the aloe can cure the acne, Coincidently there are several aloes raised in my home. I cut the aloe, removes the middle pulp part and apply on the acne, after the aloe become dry and change one. Unbelievable, after one night , it has very good effective to cure the acne. Afterward, I found out that the older aloe has the better effective.

The aloe belongs to the lily branch plant. There are many kinds of aloe. According to its use, it may divide into for medicinal purposes aloe, the edible aloe and the ornamental aloe . "Compendium of Materia Medica"has the records of aloe can alleviate fever, insect disinfestation. The modern science experiment proved that the aloe's numerator is very small, therefore it has the very strong permeate ability, may arrived to skin's in-depth, plays the role of repair maintenance. Moreover, the aloe has the effect to kill the sterilization, can inhibition the germs propagation, repairs the skin tissue; the protein decomposition enzyme can clean the tissue of the injured and maintains it clean; Also has functions of reduce melanin and so on. Therefore the aloe has the very good effect to cure acne.

When you use the aloe, should cut and open the leaf blade epidermis carefully, and let the yellow liquid to flow out completely, ensures the security; after you finished treatment, should clean the residual aloe juice on the face; The aloe including the light sensitive medicinal preparation, when apply on the skin, if the sun normal incidence to the skin, it will blacken the skin, therefore, when you use the aloe to apply, you should avoid the sun normal incidence to the skin.

5 Steps To Prevent Acne

1. Diet
Eats less food, something including high fat , carbohydrate and irritant, like hot pepper, onion, garlic and so on. Coke, tea, coffee, including alcoholic beverage, the aquatic shell class also eat less. Do not smoke will be better. The three months for the treatment may absolute diet. After the treatment, may eat less and observation responded.

2. Clean
Commonly used lukewarm water and boric acid soaping trouble place .The times of washing the face cannot too industrious and also can not be too few, one day washes 2~3 times. If there are many big pus blister or has the cyst harm, then when washes the face cannot wash too hard, because to avoid makes it broken.

3. Treatment
Do not use hand to push and pinches the acne, may use the acne needle to press out. It is better to go hospital cosmetology branch or treats the beauty shop and operates by cosmetology doctor.
Do not take the compoud include chlorine, the bromine and the iodine.
Do not use the medicine arbitrarily, particularly do not use medicines which are cerebral cortex steroid hormone and so on.
Medicine for external use mainly use dosage-form of lotion, frost .Do not use the ointment, to stick the paste class as far as possible.
Period of treatment, do not use the greasy cosmetics to avoid jamming pore and aggravation condition.

4. Environment
The working environment must avoid the contact fat, the dust, the smog, the chlorine, the bromine, the iodide and other stimulants as far as possible. Alternates work with rest. Do not have a long-term mental strain. The activity, the inflammation acne patient avoid sun and the sandstorm. Too moist place is also not good to the acne.

Personal hygiene, the hair, the nail must clip. Always washes hair and hands. The hat and coat, the pillow covering, the face towel, the basin, the comb must maintain clean. Maintains the happy mind. Guaranteed one day sleep 8 hours to relax the face muscle and give the skin self-repair the time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nutritional therapy to cure acne

1. Eats food including Vitamin A . Vitamin A can promote epithelial cell's proliferation, may mediate the skin sweat gland, eliminates the acne.The food has the Vitamin A such as the fragrant-flowered garlic, the carrot, the spinach, the milk, the animal liver and so on

2.Eats food contain Vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 can maintain the balance of human body hormone, has the protective function to the skin. These kind of food something like animal internal organs, the milk, the egg and the green vegetable and so on.

3.Eats food including Vitamin B6. Such as the animal liver, the kidney, the egg-yolk, the milk class, the dry yeast, the wheat plumule, the fish and the vegetables (carrot, spinach, shiitake mushroom).

4.Eats food including zinc. This kind of food such as the oyster, the animal liver, the lean meat, the milk class, the egg class and so on. But the mainly is the marine products something like the oyster.

5. Eats cool food. This kind of food is mainly the lean meat, the mushroom, the tremella fuciformis, the celery, the balsam pear, the cucumber, the winter melon, the mung bean sprouts, the soybean, the bean curd, the lotus root, the watermelon, the pear and so on.

6.Do not eat pungent and irritant food, little eats adipose food and the sweets.

Daily prevention Acne skill and nutritional therapy

Why the Acne will appear? The daily life have the close relationship, therefore prevention acne appears and recurs appear also very important, please carefully inspect these 10 kind of projects to establishment goal and improve physique, then to prevent acne.

1. Many people often touch the thing and then touch your face. This is a very bad habit, because after you touch the things and the dirt contamination will adhere to hand. And you don't pay attention, then it will contaminate the skin of face and multiply bacterium and will produce the acne, therefore please avoid the nonessential contact between hands and face. The fringe also easy to stimulate the skin, should comb it upward as far as possible.

2. The things which often contact with the face, for example the quilt, the bed sheet, the pillow, the face towel and so on, must often maintain clean. The best method for maintain the things clean is often clean it and insolate it under sunny day, because the ultraviolet ray can kill the bacterium causes the bacterium to be unable to grow. Therefore please fall into the habit of clean the bed sheet, quilt frequently. And after washing, must insolate it under sunny day.

3. The food like Cake, sweet snack and so on is many people are unable to resist, but likes eating the sweets, one day may eat two cakes, but cannot self-restraint, this may makes the one factor of acne growth, because many desserts have the sugar and carbohydrate are easiest to create the acne, moreover, something like peanut should also eat as little as possible. So the boys and girls who like to look good then have to keep at a respectful distance to these foods!

4. The moderate movement may promote metabolism. It is very good to the body and the skin, but it must persevere. Remembers: even if do 3 minute gymnastics everyday, is also the secret to maintain the beautiful skin.

5. Eats more vegetables is also a good method to prevent acne. Because the carrot, the spinach and so on have many resistivity effects to bacterium and the green pepper have the antibacterial effect, in addition, the balanced diet is helpful to the health, certainly it can reduce the formation rate of the acne, everybody cannot partial eclipse.

6. Some fast foods easy to cause constipation, particularly who like a night-time snack, is not only not good to the stomach but also will cause constipation. And constipation will be one reason for appear acne. So eat some food which are natural and not including artificial supplement, like the vegetable fiber, vegetables fruit as well as the cheese and so on. It is also the indispensable skill to prevent the acne.

7. Human will always have a lot of worries and pressure. It will cause the secretion of sebum to be exuberant. Also will be one of reason for acne appearing. So you must keep a happy mood every day and relax yourself.

8. Stay up late is a very bad injure to skin, if you don't want acne appear, whatever how busy the works are, you should also go to bed at 11 o'clock. You know skin's metabolism usually starts from 11:00 pm to 2:00 o'clock. A good sufficient sleep can let the skin receive a consummate maintenance.

9. Please do not wash the face excessively. Although to clean the skin, wash the face is the basic, but one day two times or the dirty time (perspiration) washed again is enough, if cleaned excessively, will wash off the protection fat of skin. And it will make the skin to be extremely dry. It will be the very big injury to the skin.

10. Recently, ultraviolet ray's injury is a popular topic. Some women in order to prevent the ultraviolet ray then use cosmetics too much, this is wrong. You should use the cosmetics which can prevents ultraviolet ray and remembered that before sleep should clean it clearly. Otherwise the fat will block the pore. It is easy for acne to appear.

A Good Product to cure Acne

Do you really know about Acne?

In the Puberty time, many people will get a problem what is Acne. Person who is unlucky the acne will appear on face, other people the acne will appear in back and front. We are called these blain is whelk and doctor said that they are "the acne". Many people don’t want to see doctor, because they thought that the acne will appear when the puberty time. However arrived at 20 years old, the skin will become cleanly fair again.

Acne not only has the great relation with the molecular genetic, but also quite concerns with skin and gland's type. However, if your parents have acne, you are also unavoidable probably. In puberty, the acne appears frequently, because of the masculine hormone: The testosterone secretion increases period (female will also secrete this kind of hormone), in vivo many place organs and the skin can receive the testosterone the influence, it and will be become by some kind of special enzymic transformation lively alpha 5 dihydro testosterone (DHT). DHT in the skin which appears acne is 30 times more than normal people.

Most people's acne is quite slight, only then 1/6 or 1/7 young people need to accept the treatment. The acne condition of boy is more severe, because their testosterone secretion is 10 times than girl. The acne growth period is between 10~20 years old, moreover many before 30 years old the acne will be vanished (sometimes still to see it appears in over 60 years old, even over 70 year-old person). The contraceptive pill can help certain females to improve the acne, but also possibly lets person's skin worsen. Human who has significant pressure perhaps the feminine menstrual, the acne appears frequently. In addition some medicines will also stimulate the acne to appear, for example benzene proper UK (antiepileptic), the anti-tuberculosis medication and so on.

The acne may divide into inflammation and the non-inflammation, the second one is quite common and easy to treat, its characteristic is the white acne and the black acne, and appears on the face. For the first one it will appear the deep level of skin, finally it will worsens the cyst of skin.

Does food have some effect to acne? Doctor before thinks it influential, therefore wants the young people to observe some diet principle: For example eats the fruits and vegetables, and eat little the sweets, fry food, nut, chocolate, coke and the dairy products. However present majority doctors gave up this diet therapy. But my some patients still asserted that some foods can affect their skin condition, sometimes like after they finish eating the chocolate, the sweets, the milk and the dairy products, the acne will appear more. Many doctors often bump into this kind of strange phenomenon: Sometimes the patient vows he (she) does some matter will improve or worsens its condition, but on the other hand, the scientific circles will be unable to confirm their view.

Recently some research has discussed the relations between diet and acne, the researchers let 45 triers who are the acne carries do diet tests and duration is 3 month-long. They are divided into 3 groups: The first group of person may eat anything; second group eat the food which they thought that can worsen the acne condition; the third group of person do not eat the food causing their skin sensibility. 3 months later, doctor discovered that the acne condition of these three groups do not have some obvious difference, therefore they thought that there is no reason to let patient to follow the special food prohibition.

But the food habit is very important. It is base on you. If you deeply believed that some kind of food can let your acne condition worse, then you leave it as far as possible, because you can make the correct judgment than any medical expert.