Monday, March 9, 2009

Aloe Cure Acne

In the past acne always appeared on my face. Then I heared that the aloe can cure the acne, Coincidently there are several aloes raised in my home. I cut the aloe, removes the middle pulp part and apply on the acne, after the aloe become dry and change one. Unbelievable, after one night , it has very good effective to cure the acne. Afterward, I found out that the older aloe has the better effective.

The aloe belongs to the lily branch plant. There are many kinds of aloe. According to its use, it may divide into for medicinal purposes aloe, the edible aloe and the ornamental aloe . "Compendium of Materia Medica"has the records of aloe can alleviate fever, insect disinfestation. The modern science experiment proved that the aloe's numerator is very small, therefore it has the very strong permeate ability, may arrived to skin's in-depth, plays the role of repair maintenance. Moreover, the aloe has the effect to kill the sterilization, can inhibition the germs propagation, repairs the skin tissue; the protein decomposition enzyme can clean the tissue of the injured and maintains it clean; Also has functions of reduce melanin and so on. Therefore the aloe has the very good effect to cure acne.

When you use the aloe, should cut and open the leaf blade epidermis carefully, and let the yellow liquid to flow out completely, ensures the security; after you finished treatment, should clean the residual aloe juice on the face; The aloe including the light sensitive medicinal preparation, when apply on the skin, if the sun normal incidence to the skin, it will blacken the skin, therefore, when you use the aloe to apply, you should avoid the sun normal incidence to the skin.

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