Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nutritional therapy to cure acne

1. Eats food including Vitamin A . Vitamin A can promote epithelial cell's proliferation, may mediate the skin sweat gland, eliminates the acne.The food has the Vitamin A such as the fragrant-flowered garlic, the carrot, the spinach, the milk, the animal liver and so on

2.Eats food contain Vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 can maintain the balance of human body hormone, has the protective function to the skin. These kind of food something like animal internal organs, the milk, the egg and the green vegetable and so on.

3.Eats food including Vitamin B6. Such as the animal liver, the kidney, the egg-yolk, the milk class, the dry yeast, the wheat plumule, the fish and the vegetables (carrot, spinach, shiitake mushroom).

4.Eats food including zinc. This kind of food such as the oyster, the animal liver, the lean meat, the milk class, the egg class and so on. But the mainly is the marine products something like the oyster.

5. Eats cool food. This kind of food is mainly the lean meat, the mushroom, the tremella fuciformis, the celery, the balsam pear, the cucumber, the winter melon, the mung bean sprouts, the soybean, the bean curd, the lotus root, the watermelon, the pear and so on.

6.Do not eat pungent and irritant food, little eats adipose food and the sweets.

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