Monday, March 9, 2009

5 Steps To Prevent Acne

1. Diet
Eats less food, something including high fat , carbohydrate and irritant, like hot pepper, onion, garlic and so on. Coke, tea, coffee, including alcoholic beverage, the aquatic shell class also eat less. Do not smoke will be better. The three months for the treatment may absolute diet. After the treatment, may eat less and observation responded.

2. Clean
Commonly used lukewarm water and boric acid soaping trouble place .The times of washing the face cannot too industrious and also can not be too few, one day washes 2~3 times. If there are many big pus blister or has the cyst harm, then when washes the face cannot wash too hard, because to avoid makes it broken.

3. Treatment
Do not use hand to push and pinches the acne, may use the acne needle to press out. It is better to go hospital cosmetology branch or treats the beauty shop and operates by cosmetology doctor.
Do not take the compoud include chlorine, the bromine and the iodine.
Do not use the medicine arbitrarily, particularly do not use medicines which are cerebral cortex steroid hormone and so on.
Medicine for external use mainly use dosage-form of lotion, frost .Do not use the ointment, to stick the paste class as far as possible.
Period of treatment, do not use the greasy cosmetics to avoid jamming pore and aggravation condition.

4. Environment
The working environment must avoid the contact fat, the dust, the smog, the chlorine, the bromine, the iodide and other stimulants as far as possible. Alternates work with rest. Do not have a long-term mental strain. The activity, the inflammation acne patient avoid sun and the sandstorm. Too moist place is also not good to the acne.

Personal hygiene, the hair, the nail must clip. Always washes hair and hands. The hat and coat, the pillow covering, the face towel, the basin, the comb must maintain clean. Maintains the happy mind. Guaranteed one day sleep 8 hours to relax the face muscle and give the skin self-repair the time.

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