Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do you really know about Acne?

In the Puberty time, many people will get a problem what is Acne. Person who is unlucky the acne will appear on face, other people the acne will appear in back and front. We are called these blain is whelk and doctor said that they are "the acne". Many people don’t want to see doctor, because they thought that the acne will appear when the puberty time. However arrived at 20 years old, the skin will become cleanly fair again.

Acne not only has the great relation with the molecular genetic, but also quite concerns with skin and gland's type. However, if your parents have acne, you are also unavoidable probably. In puberty, the acne appears frequently, because of the masculine hormone: The testosterone secretion increases period (female will also secrete this kind of hormone), in vivo many place organs and the skin can receive the testosterone the influence, it and will be become by some kind of special enzymic transformation lively alpha 5 dihydro testosterone (DHT). DHT in the skin which appears acne is 30 times more than normal people.

Most people's acne is quite slight, only then 1/6 or 1/7 young people need to accept the treatment. The acne condition of boy is more severe, because their testosterone secretion is 10 times than girl. The acne growth period is between 10~20 years old, moreover many before 30 years old the acne will be vanished (sometimes still to see it appears in over 60 years old, even over 70 year-old person). The contraceptive pill can help certain females to improve the acne, but also possibly lets person's skin worsen. Human who has significant pressure perhaps the feminine menstrual, the acne appears frequently. In addition some medicines will also stimulate the acne to appear, for example benzene proper UK (antiepileptic), the anti-tuberculosis medication and so on.

The acne may divide into inflammation and the non-inflammation, the second one is quite common and easy to treat, its characteristic is the white acne and the black acne, and appears on the face. For the first one it will appear the deep level of skin, finally it will worsens the cyst of skin.

Does food have some effect to acne? Doctor before thinks it influential, therefore wants the young people to observe some diet principle: For example eats the fruits and vegetables, and eat little the sweets, fry food, nut, chocolate, coke and the dairy products. However present majority doctors gave up this diet therapy. But my some patients still asserted that some foods can affect their skin condition, sometimes like after they finish eating the chocolate, the sweets, the milk and the dairy products, the acne will appear more. Many doctors often bump into this kind of strange phenomenon: Sometimes the patient vows he (she) does some matter will improve or worsens its condition, but on the other hand, the scientific circles will be unable to confirm their view.

Recently some research has discussed the relations between diet and acne, the researchers let 45 triers who are the acne carries do diet tests and duration is 3 month-long. They are divided into 3 groups: The first group of person may eat anything; second group eat the food which they thought that can worsen the acne condition; the third group of person do not eat the food causing their skin sensibility. 3 months later, doctor discovered that the acne condition of these three groups do not have some obvious difference, therefore they thought that there is no reason to let patient to follow the special food prohibition.

But the food habit is very important. It is base on you. If you deeply believed that some kind of food can let your acne condition worse, then you leave it as far as possible, because you can make the correct judgment than any medical expert.

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