Sunday, March 15, 2009

How To Defeat Acne?

When people in the age of their puberty, everyone likes to look good. But it is repugnant for whelk send up on the face. Believes that most people only like the youth but not like the whelk. The whelk official systematic name is called acne, this sickness does not occur in other primates. It is unique for humanity. The basic reason for the acne was still unclear, but the detection of clinical observes show that acne relates many kinds of factors:

1. Secretion of sebaceous glands secrete excessively, especially it is easy to appear on the face, the chest and the back, the area which sebaceous glands developed is easy to appear.

2. Anaerobic bacteria in the gland line pouch will secrete the sebum, will cause the inflammation response.

3. Hyperfunction of endocrine, especially by androgen secretion being out of balance.

4. Food - - should be far away from the peanut, fried food and also on.

5. The climate - - clinical observes show that it is more serious in winter than in summer.

6. The mood - - intense mood and stays up late will cause the whelk worsening

Generally speaking, if avoids the above factor, when majority of people over 20 years old, the time for fight the acne will be end. But some sickness leaves trace on the face which is uneven moulage, its reason for the infection inflammation of whelk pustule and some scar tissue for someone always pinches the whelk.

For strict speak that scar will not effect health, but some people will be in bad mood because of the metabolism of skin increases slowly. Because of scar present several years and unable to remove then influence cosmetology effect. Present has many kinds of elimination epidermis, promotes the regeneration of skin, the results of treatment are very difference, also has its own limit. People is very easy to misunderstand, thought that the skin can replace, after trading the skin, the skin is recognition. This is a wrong idea will let many patients suffered. Actually the skin can only improve, but cannot replace. Considered from the economical angle that suggests to use the essential oil which can desalt the scar will be suitable, moreover, will not produce some effect of pigmentation. The essential oil can activate cell tissue rapidly, softened and renewal skin organization, promote cell regeneration, returns to normal the scar, desalt the pigment. It is very suitable to cure the scar of acne and the effect of clinical trial is very good.

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