Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daily prevention Acne skill and nutritional therapy

Why the Acne will appear? The daily life have the close relationship, therefore prevention acne appears and recurs appear also very important, please carefully inspect these 10 kind of projects to establishment goal and improve physique, then to prevent acne.

1. Many people often touch the thing and then touch your face. This is a very bad habit, because after you touch the things and the dirt contamination will adhere to hand. And you don't pay attention, then it will contaminate the skin of face and multiply bacterium and will produce the acne, therefore please avoid the nonessential contact between hands and face. The fringe also easy to stimulate the skin, should comb it upward as far as possible.

2. The things which often contact with the face, for example the quilt, the bed sheet, the pillow, the face towel and so on, must often maintain clean. The best method for maintain the things clean is often clean it and insolate it under sunny day, because the ultraviolet ray can kill the bacterium causes the bacterium to be unable to grow. Therefore please fall into the habit of clean the bed sheet, quilt frequently. And after washing, must insolate it under sunny day.

3. The food like Cake, sweet snack and so on is many people are unable to resist, but likes eating the sweets, one day may eat two cakes, but cannot self-restraint, this may makes the one factor of acne growth, because many desserts have the sugar and carbohydrate are easiest to create the acne, moreover, something like peanut should also eat as little as possible. So the boys and girls who like to look good then have to keep at a respectful distance to these foods!

4. The moderate movement may promote metabolism. It is very good to the body and the skin, but it must persevere. Remembers: even if do 3 minute gymnastics everyday, is also the secret to maintain the beautiful skin.

5. Eats more vegetables is also a good method to prevent acne. Because the carrot, the spinach and so on have many resistivity effects to bacterium and the green pepper have the antibacterial effect, in addition, the balanced diet is helpful to the health, certainly it can reduce the formation rate of the acne, everybody cannot partial eclipse.

6. Some fast foods easy to cause constipation, particularly who like a night-time snack, is not only not good to the stomach but also will cause constipation. And constipation will be one reason for appear acne. So eat some food which are natural and not including artificial supplement, like the vegetable fiber, vegetables fruit as well as the cheese and so on. It is also the indispensable skill to prevent the acne.

7. Human will always have a lot of worries and pressure. It will cause the secretion of sebum to be exuberant. Also will be one of reason for acne appearing. So you must keep a happy mood every day and relax yourself.

8. Stay up late is a very bad injure to skin, if you don't want acne appear, whatever how busy the works are, you should also go to bed at 11 o'clock. You know skin's metabolism usually starts from 11:00 pm to 2:00 o'clock. A good sufficient sleep can let the skin receive a consummate maintenance.

9. Please do not wash the face excessively. Although to clean the skin, wash the face is the basic, but one day two times or the dirty time (perspiration) washed again is enough, if cleaned excessively, will wash off the protection fat of skin. And it will make the skin to be extremely dry. It will be the very big injury to the skin.

10. Recently, ultraviolet ray's injury is a popular topic. Some women in order to prevent the ultraviolet ray then use cosmetics too much, this is wrong. You should use the cosmetics which can prevents ultraviolet ray and remembered that before sleep should clean it clearly. Otherwise the fat will block the pore. It is easy for acne to appear.

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