Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 Tips To Cure Acne

As the human arrives at the puberty, the germ cells grow mature, the internal secretion was exuberant, then it stimulates sebaceous glands' proliferation to be large. And lead sebum secretes to fill up excessively. Because sebum siltation, then let the bacterium to grow reproduces , lastly forms the acne. In view of the reason of how the acne formed, I introduce these 5 tips to cure acne.

1. People who is the oily skin may use the neutral soap to wash the face at least 3 times every day. So it can reduces face's fat stack. And the sulfur soap has very good effective, the common soap is also good, but the scented soap and the acidic soap are not suitable.

2. If the acne appeared, do not use the hand to pinch it. Because it will cause the pore to expand, the skin will be rough. When cast aside acne, certainly must use aspirator which has disinfected, and clean the hands.

3. In order to reduce to face's stimulation, when you washes hair, it is better to uses the neutrality shampoo. And after washing, should avoid the wet hairs covers on the face.

4. Control the diet, eats each kind of vegetables, eats little fat and greasy food. The carbohydrate, smoking, drink wine also to induce the acne formation easily, should perform to control.

5. The traditional Chinese medicine, the loquat leaf unhairs 9 grams, the mulberry root bark 9 grams, the white honeysuckle flower 9 grams, the prunella vulgaris 12 grams, the Chinese goldthread rhizome 3 grams, the Huang Qin 9 grams, to float the coral 30 grams (decoct herbal medicine firstly ), then take the fresh licorice 3 grams with watering, every day takes one times. It has the funvtion of dispel pneumonia and reduce phlegm. Folklore, the Qing Dynasty crown prince contract the acne, is cures according to this prescription.

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