Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Green Tea May Cure The Acne

A new research indicated that green tea not only has the profit to our health but also can treat acne effectively. The green tea can antibacterial, sterilization and the reduced hormone activity -----These three characteristics caused the ancient green tea to become the excellent choice for acne treatment.

Researchers from the Philippine commemoration medical center use computer to divide 108 volunteers into two groups stochastically. First group, every day use benzoyl peroxide medicinal ointments two times, continues for 12 weeks, another group uses the green tea extraction medicinal ointment, the usage same as the first group, the medicine bottle which the patient obtain is the same and they also did not know which method of treatment they use. The trier are check-up and the photographed by skin disease expert, the expert also did not know which kind of medicinal ointment they use. The findings showed that 3% green tea medicinal ointment has the same effect with 4% benzoyl peroxides to cure the general or serious acne. The green tea medicinal ointment can also let patient's skin whitening, and improves their overall outward appearance of skin.

The researchers pointed out that the therapy of green tea may has more attractive to the consumer, because the tradition believed that the toxicity of natural material is smaller than the chemicals and few side effect. The preliminary data demonstrated that the side effect of green tea extraction medicinal ointment is smaller than the benzoyl peroxide. There are quite few patients has presented the skin itch with the allergic symptom after use green tea medicinal ointment .


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